What if this was your last Christmas?

I wrote a piece at work about Christmas and appreciating family and friends.

I touched on the subject of people living with cancer this Christmas and how for some it will be their last Christmas with their families. When I say touched I mean I didn’t go in to how I felt about it because it wasn’t appropriate for that audience. But this is my personal blog and you probably know reader if I’m passionate about things I don’t hold back.

I know people will tell me not to think negatively and about people dying but it’s not being negative it’s real. I don’t choose to shun these thoughts because it might be me one day and because I feel desperately sad and sorry for these people who talk about this being their last Christmas without anger or biterness just this acceptance.

Imagine if you were dying and had a partner and young children knowing that you won’t be around for them next year? And the months you do have you are often in bed in pain and exhausted from treatment. How would you feel?

It then makes me feel cross with myself for hating christmas. I don’t know what my future holds but I should at least appreciate that I’m well and don’t have a stage 4 diagnosis. But we don’t appreciate what we have. We feel sorry for ourselves and focus on all the meaningless  shit in our lives instead of what really  matters.


This Christmas there are  people dying of cancer who would give anything to just be dealing with the shit that we call problems. I ask you to ask yourself does this really matter when things aren’t as wonderful as you’d like, because if you have your health you already have so much…



  1. weight2lose2013

    I think that people lose sight of things to be truly grateful for. We take our health for granted. I remember sitting on the couch with my sister, and looking through photos of us together in our childhood. She put her head on my shoulder and cried, saying she didn’t want to die. That hit me hard and I felt so selfish for complaining about trivial things in my life. It’s a hard lesson to learn….


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