We are all addicted to something. Addictions aren’t generally good because it means you have little self control. I have very little self control in some aspects of my life and I am an extreme control freak in other areas.

We are addicted to things because they give us pleasure. An instant gratifying hit of dopamine. Usually things that make us feel high have a downside- a negative effect.

Addictions are there because life gets mundane and monotonous. Not many people get by and are satisfied coasting along on a plateau We want the highs or else what’s the point in living?

Sometime addictions numb the reality of your life. Drugs, alcohol, meaningless sex. It’s all an escape. The low is often so dramatic that we crave the high more and more until we are on a one way ticket to a bad place or even an early death.

Many former addicts throw themselves in to work and volunteering or become health freaks. But I wonder, are they always a slave to their addictions, one step away from falling back in to their bad habits?

So I thought I would talk candidly about my addictions here and maybe you can think what you are addicted to and why.

I am addicted to heat, any spicy food. I like the burning sensation, it gives me a real buzz. Lately I am really in to English mustard, I hate the feeling it gives me in my nose, like its on fire, but I can’t stop eating it in large quantities on my food.

I am addicted to music. Ok sure everyone thinks they are, but I do not stop listening to music or singing, I sing everywhere. In the street, in the bath, it brings me so much joy.

I am addicted to comfort eating. I like to eat. If I am bored I eat, If i feel down I eat, if I am tired I eat, ok so you get the picture. Obviously that’s not good for your health, I try to eat healthily when I can.

I am addicted to checking peoples social media accounts because I am extremely curious and basically a stalker haha. If you’re reading this currently flabbergasted I am sure at some point in your life you’ve done it too. I try to stop but I just can’t help myself because IT’S ADDICTIVE!670px-Overcome-an-Addiction-Step-4-Version-2

Lastly I now find myself addicted to blogging, something I thought would never last. But 7 months on, over 5000 views and I really love to write.

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