Love hate and indifference.

I had such amazing support yesterday from my girlfriends in breast cancer camp. I am always  honest and vocal and I hope that helps others feel confident to be vocal too.I think it does judging by the feedback I got re feeling depressed after cancer and at Christmas.

The worst feeling of all is thinking I’m alone feeling this way and there must be something majorly wrong with me. So the fact that I know it’s not just me is immediately comforting and I do feel a fair bit better than I did yesterday truth be told.

It’s nice knowing where you stand with people. It’s particularly brave when you’re going through hell and struggle to talk about your feelings to say actually  I feel that way too.  I appreciate all the kindness shown and vulnerable honesty I think it emphasises just how vital a strong suppprt network is.

Other people can be such enigmas possibly  deliberately or just uncomfortable with being vulnerable in any shape or form which is fine I respect that we are all so different though.

As a sidenote why would you need to know what’s going on in someone’s life if you outwardly disliked someone and remained nochalant towards them i.e  shunned them in every possible way. Would you not be indifferent? Why the avid interest?

Yes I prefer people who are straight up. I like you I hate you I’m indifferent about you. Why make things complex?


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