Why I bypass christmas and love January

Christmas is so forced, commercial and boring.  There I said it. The whole build up and stress and pretence (come on you don’t really enjoy it that much do you) is draining.


This year I am looking forward to it being over but I am looking forward to seeing my girls open their presents and seeing my best friend.  Also eating (naturally).

I like January. I think it’s a fabulous time of year. It’s quiet and people tend withdraw because they get over excited over Christmas and then it’s a huge anti climax for them. So, I feel more comfortable as opposed to December where I literally cannot bear being around people sometimes because it’s all too much.

January starts with the first, New years day which is practically  a ghost town where I live  but I love it. I don’t like New years eve because it’s forced and tacky and I can’t think of much worse than going to a bar or club surrounded by rowdy dickheads.
Also why would you want to start a new year in bed with a hangover?

A new year is a perfect time to make changes. A fresh start. I don’t make resolutions but I do strive to acheive and have hopes and aspirations.


It’s also a whole year until Christmas. What’s not to like about that?



  1. bethgainer

    Well-said! I feel very similarly about the holidays. Everything is so commercialized and forced. Often we are forced to be happy when we may not be. January does have some advantages for sure!


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