And just like that it’s over.

So Christmas is all over for another year and I’m glad.
I’m 3 pounds heavier and I didn’t even bloody eat that much just a couple of big dinners. I’m several hundred pounds down in the bank though, I overspent and booking my flight to America was badly timed all things considered.


I want to reflect on the year gone by but perhaps it’s better to just look forward. The amazing times have been matched with very upsetting experiences but I’m hoping to have very few of these next year.

I’ve been dating this guy I know and It’s pleasant but he says I’m intimidating. He’s known me for years and says he’s nervous around me. Haha. I’m not sure I understand what’s to be nervous about.  All he says is “but you’re Caroline.” (No shit sherlock). Anyway I don’t forsee marriage or babies on the horizon although he doesn’t care about my boobs which I suppose is a good thing..

Anyway back on the healthy eating wagon. Summer bodies are created in the winter..


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