Cancer is the best death…

Said no sane intelligent person ever. So what the hell is a doctor saying it for? How very worrying that this man is allowed to practice medicine and have this view which I will reiterate.

Dr Robert Smith thinks dying from Cancer is the best death because you get to say goodbye all be it even if it’s  high as a kite on morphine. He says it’s far  worse to die of dementia. But hang on you can’t die of dementia you die with dementia no? (correct me if I’m wrong).


He also says that treating cancer is a waste of money and berates charities for spending millions trying to find a cure.


I presume he is referring to people of dying age but he’s not been specific so therefore we could presume he’s talking about everyone. Kids teenagers and young people. 
But at least we have time to say goodbye right?

My mum had a year to say goodbye, well that was the time she stayed alive after  diagnosis of her brain tumour. Except 6 months of that she couldn’t speak and couldn’t walk or go to the toilet without help. Not so romantic is it?

Others suffer great pain which no amount of morphine can control. Their cancers spread and their organs slowly fail and death is agonising.

His nochalant views on cancer just add more misunderstanding to the disease, you know the misconception that people think you are cured or cancers not that bad. How bloody irresponsible of him when people work so hard to support people affected and highlight the seriousness of cancer.



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