Be careful what you wish for…

I never really understood that phrase (at least not properly) not until post cancer I guess.

Before cancer there were a lot of things I wished for which will or have come true now but of course perhaps if I’d never have wished for them cancer wouldn’t have happened. I realise that’s crazy to think that but who can say for sure?

Take my hair for instance. I always wanted thick hair. Mine was fine and straight. Of course it all fell out due to chemo for breast cancer and now I have the thickest hair you ever saw.

I woke up like this

So should we actually be careful what we wish for or just stop wishing at all and accept what we’ve got already?

What was the last thing you wished for you regretted?



  1. violetta86

    I loved so much my hair and I had to cut them shorter when I started the chemo, for a while I felt like it was a way to punish me for being so vain and loving something so supercial that much, then I thought… well, there are so many bad people out there and if God found time to punish me and not them, then something really is wrong ! this meaning that… sometimes we try to blame it all on in order for it to make sense, but it just does not make sense anyway… but answering your question… I always felt like I could not complain for the drugs they gave after my breast cancer me because I had been lucky and didn’t hve to go through chemo, but I wanted to complain so hard! here I am now… I had a recurrence and I am actually going through chemo … I wish I just complained the first time !


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