When people get bored of your cancer

I had been thinking about this for a while and now I’m truly inspired to write after reading about a lady Sharon who has had breast cancer 4 times.

Sharon isn’t the first person I’ve read about who has experienced what I’m about to say either. Try to imagine what it’s like mentally to battle cancer four times and then think about what that must be like when people are fed up of hearing about it?

People are self absorbed and very quick to forget when something terrible has happened to you. And I do question sometimes whether people genuinely care in thr first place or whether they feel like it’s a service and the moral thing to do when they rally round you.

If you ever lost a parent or partner you’ll know how people are there for you initially yet after the funeral you might not hear from them again or if you do they won’t talk to you about it.
Grief lasts a long time yet people’s attention does not.

Cancer is like grief in so many ways. After the treatment ends most of the suppport does too when in actual fact that’s often when you need more support than ever.

Personally I’m quite far along now and doing pretty well, but I still find myself having to explain or longing for just that extra bit of understanding, but people are bored of cancer and how you’re feeling because you’re alive and you don’t look like you had cancer anymore.

So I wonder how much worse it must be for the people who keep getting cancer back and each time their support network dwindles until they more or less have nobody?

Everyone is seemingly sick to death of you and cancer. You keep surviving so you must be totally fine on your own.
hey you must be used to having cancer by now!


It does make me sad in a country  we we promote more support for people with cancer how people are  still not prepared to deal with you after treatment ends or worse if your  cancer keeps coming back.

Thanks for reading.


One Comment

  1. Sharon Greene

    Wow you wrote about me! I’m honored! It’s sad but true that I keep losing people the more cancers I have. A lot of people are very bored with my cancer and don’t appreciate it my blogging about it now. I should be over all this stuff now and not dwelling on the past. But I spent so much time not really dealing with it and absorbing the pain inside that I ended up with PTSD. So blogging to me seems healthy and life affirming where keeping it all bottled in and trying to be normal, returning to work with bad chemo brain made everything so muchworse. Thanks for the mention and for letting me vent!


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