Roast beef or roast chicken? (And life’s difficult decisions).

Today I was asked do you want roast beef or roast chicken for lunch?

A simple question but a decision that makes me anxious like asking if I prefer salt and vinegar crisps or cheese and onion? They are equally great in their own right.

Food decisions are awful. I actually dread a restaurant having a huge menu because it makes deciding so much more difficult and inevitably I will probably make the wrong choice and wish I’d had what my friend sat next to me ordered. This is probably why I’m never satisfied with life or thin because frankly I want it all!

Other times I’m completely impulsive and quite careless even when it comes to doing things that suit me.  But it’s when I am choosing between two or more things when problems arise.

So I try to avoid making a choice if i can help it especially if I can just have it all. After all variety is the spice of life..


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