People who piss me off on the commute

I had written an alliteration for the title of this (the second word was commuters) but it would have been too rude for public viewing so I changed it to something softer but don’t let it fool you.
Over the last year I’ve mentally been compiling a list of things I hate about my London commute. The list has grown quite long.


Ok. Here goes…

1. People who keep sniffing and coughing on the train. Get some tissues or if you’re really sick stay at home.

2. People (particularly men) who sit on the outside seat and instead of moving over to the spare window seat who expect you to fit through the tiny gap and climb over them and their bags to sit down. Selfish.

3. People who run at you on platforms or in stations so you have to move out of their way or they bump in to you or knock you but as long as they catch their train who cares about everyone else?

4 Rucksacks. If people need to bring huge rucksacks on packed trains please take them off your back until there is sufficient room. It’s just common sense. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been hit by someone’s bag. What the hell do people need for work these days anyway you’re not on a backpacking holiday!

5. People who don’t move down trains  despite being shouted at by the guards. Yes that means you too you’re not exempt inconsiderate person!

6. People who take up two seats with their bags and glare at you for asking if you can sit down.

7. When you have 1 minute to get on that packed train and people get on at snails pace and just seem to forget there’s 20 people behind who also want to get on. Hello?

8. Loud music or phone conversations. This morning the guy opposite me told the whole carriage his wife had a urine infection. There’s just no need.


Thankfully there are some lovely commuters who are kind and considerate but I suppose there’s always cycling (if you want to get knocked off your bike and hated by car drivers).


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