Society told us we are all too fat

It dawned on me today that the media has brainwashed society to believe we are all fat unless we are a size 6 or an 8. Pictures in magazines are airbrushed and mannequins in shops are tiny and out of proportion.

Most women I know are constantly on a diet or think they’re too big. The media shame people for putting on weight so it’s no wonder.

But what is wrong with being more curvy and an average size if you’re healthy?
Size bears no indication as to how healthy you are on the inside.

I’m healthy eating at the moment but I eat a lot because I like food. I decided to lose a few pounds the healthy way and not deprive myself. I eat lots of fruit and veg, lots of green stuff wholemeal bread and grains and lean meat and poultry.

Even when I was much smaller I disliked my body so I think that I, and maybe some of you need to retrain our brains to love our bodies whatever Size. Fuck the media and society. People will hate you for being too thin or too fat you can’t win.

This girl Lucy who is a suicide girl page 3 girl is a size 14. I follow her on instagram and I like her body confidence and sassiness. She doesn’t have a flat stomach and she doesn’t give a shit. If you want a flat stomach ask yourself are you really doing it for yourself or because it’s how you think society says you should look?



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