Breast and leg.

Hi guys. Its Sunday and thankfully no sign of snow. I ran down the stairs this morning and poked my head around the door, naked I should add, so a risky move. A 2 second flash of breast and leg would make anyones Sunday right? I told you I lived on the edge…


I’ve been thinking about doing a counselling diploma. I have a good level of understanding of how people think and why they act the way they do. I like to help people and I like talking mostly particularly on a deeper level,small talk doesn’t interest me so much as its so forced. If there is a clear purpose for a conversation then I’m totally engaged.

More specifically I’d like to focus on specialising in counselling people during and after cancer treatment. I think I could apply textbook knowledge and life experience to the job. I think counselling should be standard for all cancer patients and continue long after treatment finishes.

Ive been getting lots of messages from major dickheads online. Do I want to skip the salad and go straight to the main course? Do I fancy 7.5 inches?


I’ve learned not to engage and just block these cretins. When did sex become so free and easy? I’m definitely not a prude. Asking for sex on the Internet is lame and desperate.

Who said romance was dead eh?



  1. violetta86

    Counseling diploma is a great idea ! i just think you must really really be over your cancer experience in order to help others, otherwise it would only be extremly painful for you! I think that when I’ll be done with my treatments and when I’ll feel ready I’d love to go voulonteering in a hospital to talk to patiences …


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