Do we ever feel our age?

Do you ever really  feel your age? I’m not talking about acting your age I mean actually feeling it.

I have a bad back at the moment and I get heartburn from eating bacon crisps or eating too much. These ailments are related to being older but I refuse to admit it to myself. I’m too young to have back problems and be chewing on Rennie but I’m 36 this year I forget.
Ok 36 is not old by anyones standards but it isn’t young either.

It’s funny, in my head I’m still 25. Apart from the odd grey hair and the paunch around my middle I feel youthful when I look in the mirror. Maybe 25 was a great age and time in my life and that’s how I want it to stay? But technically I am in denial of course.


So I wondered if everyone felt the same and  don’t feel as old as they are? And I wondered when I’m 70 if I will still be dancing in my bedroom with my music on like im 25?
I hope so.


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