Stick to the status quo or..?

When we think of change it seems to conjure up negative images and negative emotions, but change can be positive and amazing and bring pleasure to your life.

I was asked yesterday how I deal with change and what I think of it. Knowing myself quite well I answered quickly. I said I embrace  change because I can get bored of things quickly. In fact I’m always looking to make change in my life as I like excitement. Change doesn’t scare me and I don’t need to predict what’s around the corner.


It might be that I just like living on the edge or that all I’ve ever really known is change. I’m talking life changing events, drama, death major upheaval. So it could be that change is all I know and I’m now accustomed to it.

The only thing I don’t like is not being able to predict my future or survival. That petrifies me. So you see if fear was on a scale of 1-10 dying would be 10 and changing jobs or boyfriends would be a 1. Nothing phases me because I have that perspective.

Basically changes are happening to us every day and we don’t even notice until we reflect. But however you deal with change in your life you should know that change is inevitable and you have to deal with it sometimes and do the best you can.



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