Lonely and sad survivor


I found this after googling loneliness and cancer. It’s a problem page online.

I could have written it myself.  The guilt part. I always feel so guilty about my moodswings tears or aggression. The constantly wondering why I have to be here on this earth doesn’t mean I want to kill myself but I don’t like living this life where so many people around me just don’t get it, are unsupportive or worse cause deliberate offence and upset through ignorant and vile behaviour.

I’m so fed up of hearing the same old thing .”I don’t get it” “I don’t understand how you’re feeling” That’s ok but it’s the trying that counts. It’s the effort. It makes all the difference.

All actions and words have a consequence in life. People’s behaviour and support makes so much difference to someone’s life after cancer.  And perhaps others need to question themselves and feel guilty instead of it always being me.


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