Every day is cancer day in my world

Today is world cancer day and the message seems to be unite together to beat cancer and support others but it’s also open to interpretation I think.

Whilst I’m not saying cancer should be the most important thing to everyone it’s pretty high up there for me. 

In my world every day is cancer day. I need gentle support from someone every day not just today. Until such time when I won’t think of cancer much anymore.

Today I think of those who are in a much worse situation than me and no special day is going to cure them. That makes me sad. No special day is going to stop people getting cancer in the first place but it does raise awareness raise money and encourage  understanding and reaching out to those affected and whilst there’s no cure that’s the next best thing right?..

Talking of reaching out, I wish someone would reach out to me sometimes. It’s not always me that needs someone. . We all need someone.



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