Cancer celebrity

This week I did something I’m quite proud of. I told my cancer story and it was recorded to use for media purposes, (in other words I was a case study).

I don’t find it easy to talk about it as it brings back a few horrible memories and it was a rather dark time in my life. But I feel ready now. I felt ready to share with the world how being diagnosed actually felt. And still nearly two years on it still doesn’t feel like it happened to me which is very weird indeed.

I’ve spoken about it because I want people to know how it felt to have cancer at 33 and to let people know how they can support others. But also I am proud of what I’ve been through and of course I want to show that and I’d be lying if I didn’t like the attention cancer gives you. I’m pretty sure most people want a little recognition for far less than beating cancer.

Some of my old friends couldn’t handle the attention I got it in the beginning. They were jealous and spiteful.  FYI I’m no longer friends with them.


I didn’t chose to have cancer young and I suppose I didn’t know how long I had to survive so I’ve made damn sure I shout about my successes and grab opportunities with regard to telling my story. Why wouldn’t I?


Some people remain quiet about their illness. That’s fine and people have the right to be private. But if nobody talked about it then we would be right back where we were 40 years ago when cancer was a dirty word people didn’t mention.

So anyway today I had pictures taken at work and I felt like a bit of a celebrity. The future is exciting and I look forward to continue being a spokeswoman for cancer in young women


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