Selfish or independent ?

Does anyone ever think they are a bit boring? Sometimes I think im quite boring or maybe it’s just a getting older thing.
Sometimes I wonder if it’s healthy to like my own company as much as I do. I could spend days and days alone and feel great and rejuvenated.

When I go to America in a couple of weeks I will be seeing friends but I’m looking forward to having alone time just me and the city. Travelling with others is often a hinderence. I perfectly understand and respect give and take but why do you want to be constantly  selfless on holiday? I just want to do what I want to do when I’m in a different country having spent a lot of money to get there.

I do want to meet a guy though I guess to feel safe and looked after  kissed and cuddled and adored isn’t that what most people want?
  I’m not that selfish that I can’t share my time with someone. But I will always want a degree of independence.




  1. Sharon Greene

    I vote for independent. I am becoming more and more of a loner as time passes by. I could travel on my own quite happily but still have 2 young teens to take with me. I’m missing that special male someone too but maybe he will show up someday too.


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