Friday 13th

I’m a bit superstitious. I know it’s silly but I just am. 13 will always be unlucky for me. 2013 was an annus horribilis for me and many others.

Today is Friday 13th which is my  inspiration for writing today. It got me thinking about irrational fears- things we are worried about or scared of. We are all scared of something!


I’m scared of rats and cockroaches. I was bitten by a dog when I was ten and I was scared of dogs for ages but thankfully I grew out of that.

I’m scared a shark is going to bite me when Im swimming in the sea and that the plane will crash when I go on holiday. I also always worry that a man will break in at night and be standing over my bed when I wake up.
Yet I’m not scared of being in a car, I think nothing of it, and it’s far more likely I’d be in a car accident than eaten by a shark so why are our biggest fears irrational ones a lot of the time?
I think it’s because we are scared of things that are alien to us- the unknown. We tend to like what’s familiar,  even though familiar is often the hidden enemy.

So don’t worry too much about Friday 13th.  It’s just another day out of 365…


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