Gin makes you frisky

I went on a date last night. I forced myself to go as I can’t be arsed if I’m honest.
My mindset is always meet up and if he’s nice company it’s a bonus. I don’t think about meeting the one I’m quite content doing my thing. Plus he probably won’t live up to my standards for a second date anyway. (That sounds conceited I know sorry).

Anyway last night I met this very handsome guy who was a few years older than me, but he looked much younger.  There was a fair amount of gin on my part and apart from talking about himself a bit too much I quite liked him. So much so that I went in for the kiss several times in fact and when I arrived home I had red lipstick all round my face so I’m guessing he
looked a bit like a clown driving home?!


I do make myself laugh. Im quite shy at times but also ballsy and brazen. What is life is you can’t have fun and kiss a few frogs?


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