The sun shines every day

Back in December I was unhappy and I had been feeling down for so long I didn’t realise how sad I really was. Because the sadness was interspersed with a few good days it became my norm and acceptable, but looking back I see just how miserable and hopeless I felt.

2 months on and life is different now. I must take cancer out of the equation because that can and probably always will effect my day should I hear something scary.

Cancer aside, I feel happy when I wake up in the morning. I laugh all the time, at silly things mostly with my family. I like our house full of laughter and I love how it makes me feel inside.

It’s amazing how paranoid and anxious you are when you’re feeling low. People are mostly seemingly against you, but now I am more trusting and I see that  people are trying to be kind. (Not all mind).

It feels good to be alive, a joy even. And with the sun shining on my face this morning through my bathroom window in to my bedroom I do feel aglow- radiant even…



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