California got chill

I’m struggling to adjust to the time zone so I’ve been waking up at 4am and lying in bed until around 6 before venturing out a little after that.
That’s ok though. There’s so much to see and do its a pleasure getting up early. It’s very warm in the day in the sunshine and in the morning you just need a cardigan or light jacket.

San francisco has this very laidback vibe wish really rubs off on you. It’s not just the people though it’s the city, something in the air. People are very sociable here. It’s not gone unnoticed that elderly people meet up in cafes and restaurants to drink coffee and chat or do martial arts and dancing on the sidewalks and in the park.
There’s something extremely likeable about the older generation here. They are old but very youthful at heart. As I sit in an Italian cafe I can overhear 4 older gentleman talking about going to the gym. They are all seemingly very in to exercise and keeping fit here too. It wouldn’t surprise me if life expectancy was much higher here.

The food is amazing beyond any expectation.  It’s not cheap mind but that’s ok because it’s delicious and portions are huge.
What I love about here is its diversity.  You can walk for 2 miles and eat Italian Chinese Mexican or fresh seafood by the bay. It’s worth putting on weight just to try everything.



The sights are beautiful and the hills are worth it even for thr most amazing views across the whole city

It’s funny I actually have no worries here. Not a care in the world. I could get used to that. ..



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