Hoodies and trainers – the laidback life

I’ve been in California nearly a week now and I am now this chilled out person wearing hoodies and trainers with no make up on going to dinner
I’d never go out in the evening like that but here I don’t care.

The funny thing is I’ve not spoken about cancer since I arrived here. I’ve made so many friends but nobody knows. And, I don’t want to talk about it. I wanted people to judge me sans cancer. I didn’t want anyone thinking or saying I’m amazing or an inspiration, I want to be liked and considered a strong kick ass woman regardless.

As I sit writing in the Italian district of San francisco I think about how much happier I am when I don’t talk about cancer anymore. Maybe every day back home could feel like being in laidback California if i wanted it to..


Life is moving on and I need to move on too. As I approach two years in May since diagnosis I’m doing ok. I’ve lost friends friends who were diagnosed the same time, I’m somehow still here, feeling well and truly living my life having this adventure 5000 miles away from home..


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