My amazing American adventure

I have neglected my blog but it just wasn’t possible to blog every day out in the States due to time and having so much fun of course.

I could not possibly write it all, but I may write a private post and one day make it public. So I am afraid this is the good version, the well behaved Caroline version.

The  hostel I stayed in was called The Green Tortoise it was my first hostel experience and just as well as this one is meant to be one of the best in the world. Everyone just becomes your friend there. The days were filled with exploring the city, and nights with eating and drinking (a lot).

Golden gate bridge was just stunning and I’m so pleased I cycled across it. The diversity of the city was just amazing. It was like I travelled around the world, yet I stayed in one city. The food was better than I’d imagined, I ate and ate, i’ve put on weight, but it was worth it just to try everything. I ate so many burritos, lots of Chinese food, lots of pizza and a few burgers, it was just heavenly.

I met the most amazing girl from Canada, called Catherine, who I just clicked with. She made me laugh so much, my partner in crime, amazing memories were created which I will never forget. And Chris, the farmer who looked after us, oooo arrrrrr, and everyone else I met, I am so grateful that I got to meet these fabulous kind people during a bit of a down time in my life. I didn’t think much about cancer at all, I mentioned it a bit on my last couple of days but we didn’t dwell on it.

There were too many highlights to mention, but it was great to catch up with my buddy Sam, who showed me Napa valley and Muir woods, and a few other beautiful sights. San Fran is stunning, there’s a lot of hills but it’s visually beautiful.

I have the most awful jet lag, but that’s ok, it was all worth it and more.

Now I know why they talk about California dreaming, and leaving your heart in San Francisco….


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