Sad cake

The Germanwings crash has really affected me, and obviously so many others too. It’s just so tragic and really puts things in to perspective for me. I feel in shock. It feels like it’s not real and  those poor people on that plane and the families who lost their loved ones. Perhaps if it was an accident it could have been easier to comprehend for the families in time, but instead they have to come to terms with the awful chilling truth and I just don’t know how you would ever be able to move on from that.

There is no God. If there was a god he wouldn’t let people kill babies and children. God didn’t help those people. Sometimes I wish I believed in something because I think it makes life easier somehow. 

On to something that is not in the least bit important Zayn Malik leaving One Direction. That obviously has no bearing on my life But hearing stories of teenagers self harming and seeing them crying and distressed does have a massive impact on my mood nobody wants to see that. Then when you add waiting for my test results into the mix and all the news regarding Angelina Jolie and her faulty BRCA gene it creates panic in my mind and I’m worried it will be me too.

Saying goodbye to someone you care about is never easy and that’s something I had to deal with this week too. I have some difficult choices ahead about my career and my future, so I guess mix this altogether in a pot et voila you have one sad cake. 


When I’m worried or upset about something I can’t sleep or I wake up really early. I find it very tough to switch off and overthink everything. I know that next week will be better and that bad weeks are just part of the ebb and flow of life. 



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