I’m nosey too!

I’ve always been interested in who reads my ramblings and where people are from. It’s not something I check every day but now and then. I used to be terrible at anything technical, didn’t have a clue what SEO was or HTML code, but I’ve taught myself loads and now know how to read my own sites analytics. I believe if you want to do something enough and you are super interested in something you will learn how to do it.

I became really interested in stats a few months ago. Finding out who reads my blog and how long they spend reading it. I know that people read it all over the world and probably stumble on posts via Google.

I blog as a cathartic release from everyday life. I guess I find life tough sometimes, which I am open about. I know that everyone finds life tough sometimes too and they probably have other outlets.

I enjoy writing and I still manage to have a degree of a private life. I guess I just have a lot going on at any given time! The trick is forgetting that anyone reads it, and writing what you think even if you know who your audience is. Thinking too much about what your saying or heavily editing in case of someone reading defeats the point, and if people don’t like it, they don’t have to read after all.


I’m very excited at the moment lots of nice things going on. I almost forget about my BRCA gene test!

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