Things I wish I was good at.

This blog isn’t going to be modest. Of course modesty is  a good trait but this is my blog and my honest opinions so I’ll start by saying I’m good at a fair amount of things. I have talents. I’m musical I can read music I can play piano by ear and sing well.  I’m good at languages and learn them quickly. I’m a good adventurous cook and although I’m not as good as my mother I taught myself everything I know. I’m a good mother fair and fun and excellent at multitasking.

I am not good at dancing. I wish I could dance but I’m not confident and it doesn’t come naturally to me. I am also not good at baking. I don’t know why it just never works out! It’s frustrating because I am so envious of people who can bake amazing cakes and yummy things. 

I always joke and say I need to learn to bake so I can be a good wife! Anyway I baked two batches of brownies tonight and boy was it effort. Folding is not my forte. Some are for work and some for the kids and I’m going to give a couple to a guy I’m dating as I reckon  that’ll earn me some brownie points sorry bad joke.. 

It’s never too late to improve but it’s worth accepting that we are naturally good at some things and not so good at others and that’s ok… 


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