Don’t catch those feelings 

Once you develop feelings for someone or any sort of attachment you’re pretty much doomed.  I try to steer away from feelings as I don’t want to put myself on the line and be a vulnerable fool.

Sure I like people and am attracted to them but feelings and love territory is not somewhere I like to venture. 

The thing is nothing lasts forever. You break up or someone dies and that’s the truth. That’s not saying I never want to fall in love but it has to be with someone who’s worth the heartache and most guys just aren’t worth that effort. 

Guys these days think they can pull chicks with minimum amount of effort. Ask yourself when was the last time you made a real effort with someone and went out of your way to do something lovely? Maybe this is cynical and effort works both ways but the fact of the matter is if you sit on your arse and wait for miss right to come to you you’re gonna be disappointed!

Anyway love and feelings are complicated but sometimes you have to risk it all for the one who risks it for you…

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