OC Deal with it

I was thinking about OCD and how I’ve always refused to accept it affects me. Most people’s mock the disorder me included but it’s not funny to live with it. Most manage to hide it but others have it so severely they have no choice but to be open about it.  

I am obsessive about checking my boobs. I do it whenever and wherever. My boobs aren’t really private or sexual to me anymore because they are botched and so many people have seen them in the medical field.

I guess I shouldn’t fondle myself in public but I’m so paranoid of finding a lump I can’t stop checking and forget where I am!

I guess someone else will want to touch my boobs soon considering  I’m still dating although I’m far more keen on one guy than the other and am seeing this one 2 -3 times a week.  I don’t want to talk about cancer yet it’s not the right time I’m having too much fun. 


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