Dear cells…(An open letter to the cells in my body)

Dear cells.

I often wonder how you are behaving as I cannot see you or hear you I just have to hope that you won’t misbehave again after all the nasty drugs you were given as punishment. 

Almost 2 years ago you behaved very badly dividing at an alarming rate (in the medical field they call this grade 3) you decided to cause havok in my breast, 3 tumours,all very small but that doesn’t matter to you does it cells? You may be tiny but still spread and kill. 


You aren’t doing anything in my breasts they feel normal but I hope you got bored and aren’t being mischievous in other parts of my body. 

Too many of my friends died because you spread to their livers and lungs and brain. They were kind women who didn’t deserve to die. You murdered them.

I’m a kind person too. I’m outspoken and have my faults but I am loving and a decent human being. I worry that this will be my downfall considering my friends before me and maybe I should be mean conceited and selfish, perhaps in some fucked up way that’s the only way to live a long life.

Anyway cells I am in a good place now. I am moving on with my life, the depression and anxiety you caused which caused me so much sadness and robbed me of my happiness and self confidence has finally left me alone. I wake up each day with a smile on my face and life feels magical again.

But yet I still I wonder what you’re doing in my body and all I can do is hope that you’ve had all your fun with me and you spared me death.

One day I probably won’t think about you every day and that will be an achievement. 


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