milestones and anniversaries always equal more thought

Every day I am thinking more and more about the impending anniversary of diagnosis this May. It’ll be two years. I won’t be considered 2 years cancer free until June though.

Part of me feels relieved, it’s going so fast, but part of me feels that my remission milestone of 5 years is still a long way off.

I also feel like I have wasted a lot of time, being miserable, (or insert any other negative emotion here).

In cancer world time is very precious. We think differently from the others. The thing is I know this is the path I am meant to be on, and the way I am dealing with it.  I’m aware that this post is full of contradictions, but that’s what cancer is really, conflicting feelings and emotions, constant ups and downs.

But let’s be positive here. Because actually life is good at the moment and there are so many lovely people in my life. It’s two years of life, two years with my children and friends and family. Two years of helping others affected by cancer during my own turmoil,  two years of being strong and telling it how it is. (Well someone has to) 😉


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