Magic touch (no happy ending)

So here’s a funny story. 

Yesterday I booked an appointment to see an osteopath to try and sort out my back problems. I’d been to one before for my knee. It seems mother nature wasn’t that kind putting me together I don’t seem to work very well… 

Anyway I turn up and I’m greeted by this guy who is very attractive. I’m guessing he is perhaps Greek I don’t know. (Praying there is no way he can read this racking my brains thinking of all the ways he can possibly stumble on my blog; I’ll take the risk).

Anyway he was very army sergeant like. I talk in between silences and he says nothing. Awkward. I’m thinking he’s not friendly. 

So anyway he gets me to lie down on his couch thing and moved me around in all these positions. Then he starts making conversation asking questions about my life. Nothing too personal. I’m thinking he does this to make one feel comfortable a bit like hairdresser chit chat. 

So then he starts massaging me each side of my back with oil or some lubricant or other. Now obviously this is part of the consultation and not something out of 50 shades of gray, but i can’t deny it was enjoyable I mean who doesn’t wanna be massaged by some tall dark handsome doctor? And then I wondered what the hell is he thinking about when massaging me?! I’m sure he’s very professional and sorry there’s no happy ending to this story 😭 but he wants to see me next week and a few sessions after that.

I’m guessing he wants my money though not my body..

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