The end is in sight!

So out of the blue they brought my reconstruction surgery forward and I’m now having it done 6 months early in ten days. 



So it’s taken me this long to stop shaking. I couldn’t eat my lunch I couldn’t even drink wine I am so excited. No one has seen my crap tits since surgery in June 2013. I have not been naked in front of anyone. I’ve kind of convinced myself that’s normal, but it’s not normal and I feel so bloody sad and angry that a young attractive woman like me is so ashamed of her body. My sex life has suffered I can count on one hand in the last 2 years. everything has suffered it all has a knock on effect you see. 

So in 11 days time I will have great boobs. I am elated. I will no longer have crap tits and I will love my body and have lots of amazing sex. (So glad my dad doesn’t read this).

I feel like a miracle has happened and luck is on my side. I’m frightened of the pain and the recovery, and splitting open when I cough. But excitement overrides fear and my god it feels good. 

Finally after 2 years my ordeal will be over and I can live my new normal life…


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