Don’t be worried, it’s me!

People are worried about me and my impending op.  I’ve decided to have my surgery in Chelsea and not local to me which means my family won’t be able to come and visit me in the week I will be in. 

The operation will be around 8 hours and it’s major surgery, no walk in the park. Part of me thinks im mad having it done and I know people are worried about me, but they forget this is me, I’ll be fine and I’m strong enough to cope alone. 

I’ve asked myself why I’m doing this? They’re  just boobs. But society says to be beautiful and feminine you need to have nice breasts and I suppose I am not confident to live my life without them. In a world obsessed with sex I feel left out and I want to fit in. 

Basically I will have a very painful incision and scar from hip to hip which you can see below  

 A scar around my belly button and new breast. It’s not for the faint hearted but I never did anything by halves and I’m not about to start now… 



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