The results are in!

I arrived home to a letter from my local hospital. I knew it could only be the gene test results I’ve been waiting for. 

In that envelope was life changing information. Negative results  have so many consequences. This isn’t exam results or a decision from a job interview its a different ball game entirely. 

So anyway I got a big fat negative!!! My genes aren’t faulty. And whilst I always wanted a reason for my breast cancer so young, I’m happy to accept bad luck over faulty gene. 

Isn’t it funny how things work out? I was obsessed with the why’s. There had to be a reason. But now it doesn’t matter so much. Having the gene would mean a high chance of cancer returning, another mastectomy and my ovaries out not forgetting a lifetime of worry. 

Someone cut me some slack today. Luck was on my side. I feel like I’m winning at life and it bloody feels good… 



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