So I got brave.. (Contains graphic breast recon pics) 

I’ve thought about this for ages and in all honesty the only reason I haven’t done this before  is because I was scared people would think I looked ugly.  It’s not ideal looking like this but what is ideal? Page 3? What society and magazines say? 


 The reason I’m having this op next week is purely for me no one else.  To be able to wear nice clothes and not have a gape in one side of my bra. There was no way an implant was ever gonna match with my 34E bra size 😂but it’s the route I chose to go down as an interim recon. 

Somehow in clothes I look ok and you can’t really notice but it’s very noticeable without clothes. 

I guess I wanted to share this now to show you the before and after the surgery and to show people going through DIEP or reconstruction where I am on my journey and how it turns out. But mainly I wanted to embrace these last few days and say hey this is me. This is what breast cancer did to my breasts but I’m doing ok. 

 I think on the inside I’m beautiful even if my chest isn’t so much. (And my tummy is a bit flabby but thank god for that as I need that for Monday)!

So here are I am. 


I realise me having plastic surgery to reconstruct my right side is kinda contradictory to much of what I’m saying but the implant is so uncomfortable and I don’t want to be reminded of my cancer for the rest of my life when I look in the mirror.  


My point is all women are beautiful in their own way. Boobs don’t make a woman beautiful on their own. Reconstruction or no reconstruction, it has no bearing on your true beauty.



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