Taking my mind off it all..

I am emotionally exhausted as I keep going to bed early this week, also the eczema patch is back on my hand and I keep scratching it. It always flares up when I am a bit stressed.

I’m doing absolutely anything to take my mind off the operation. It sounds daft but when I think of the procedure I feel lightheaded like I might pass out. (a consequence of watching too many youtube videos). So that being said I am trying to keep myself amused and not get too down about it all.

Today I am amused by the teenage girl following which Ed Miliband has acquired. Formerly known as #milifandom on twitter. There are many pics of Ed all over twitter. Ed as James Bond, Ed as David Beckham in Y fronts. It’s hilarious. Ed finds it amusing too which is so endearing. Politics can be very serious and tedious and I think a little lighthearted fun is not to be sniffed at. All I can say is I am glad I will be out of hospital in time to cast my vote for the election.

Then I suppose I spend the rest of my time daydreaming about someone. He is my happy place.

I wish I could be his happy place…



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