So that’s all folks 

Well you know, barring the outpatient appointments dressing changes injections etc… That’s hopefully it now for a long time. They made need to make revisions but most of the work has been done, medically and surgically.

I’m exhausted. I did the stairs today with the physio. I went to wash and got up to tidy my things. Now I’m in the day room needing sleep. That’s how it is. You do a few small tasks then you need to sleep for much of the day. My body has been through major surgery and it’s using all the energy to repair. 

So now I’m going home to recover. I think I feel more ready to move on than I ever had. 

So here’s my post op discharge face.  I look a little wounded with various bandages. But all things considered I look quite well. 

I hope any ladies considering this DIEP procedure will find comfort in my positive experience so far 




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