Too fat too thin? You can’t win

The media tells us to get beach body ready every damn year. Then they throw a load of models in your face who are genetically thin or don’t eat very much. 

That creates insecurity in the female mind and may even lead to eating disorders but certainly creates an aspect of self loathing.

There’s no such thing as a “bikini body.” It’s a myth. We all  appreciate different shapes and sizes and different faces. How beautiful someone is is not dictated by others, it’s how you feel about yourself. But body shamers want you to feel fat and ugly and inferior, mostly so you buy their products (cough protein world) 😁

Don’t buy bloody magazines with bikini ready on the front, don’t go on crazy diets, don’t be comparing yourself to thinner girls than you on the beach just be healthly, eat healthily, be active. 

You see being bikini ready simply means putting on your bikini and loving your body and that’s it. X 


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