All good things…

Lying here wide awake at 5am on a May bank holiday making life decisions as you do. I’ve been reading old blog posts, which I never do. I’ve been thinking about everything, 2 lots of surgeries, all the treatment, gene testing, you name it I’ve been through it. But more than that, I’ve documented everything, my journey, my story, my life in public for all to see. (Oh and my tits sorry).

Anyway, it’s been a hoot. Me and the blog, you see we’ve been great friends for two years, but come 16 May I will no longer be writing and the date (2 years since diagnosis) is a good day to end. 

There is nothing now left on my Cancer journey, I’m done and I have enough support and wonderful people should I ever have a wobble.

It’s time. Time to go solo and have a life that’s not dictated by cancer. 
I’m ready x


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