Eat, sleep shower, repeat

Boredom has well and truly set in! There’s only so much tv you can watch agh! I can’t wait until I can start venturing out, short walks at first. I love being outdoors and being cooped up is just hell. Tonight’s highlight is an attempt at bathing with plastic bags stuck over my tummy and boob with some sellotape. 😂 

 On Friday I’m going to the hospital to have all my bandages taken off. I’m so excited, mostly to have a morning out but to see the results of my op. Oohh I almost forgot I’m also going out tomorrow to vote which is just so exciting! Cancer care and access to drugs  is obviously a priority for me and I want a government who cares about cancer and understands the implications of more and more being diagnosed in the future. 

On Friday I’m going to Vlog from the hospital and update on my progress after all my dressings are off.

If anyone knows of anything I can do to relieve the boredom please get in touch!  I’m willing to try anything!



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