Barely any reporting on the London protests by the media… Mmm.. Strange.

Oh hang on yes they reported on a defaced war memorial. One defaced war memorial =  anyone who disagrees with a conservative  gov  is left wing scum. There could be no other explanation surely? Someone was paid to do it perhaps? Or the media orchestrated the whole thing? even if it was legit and the idea was that of ONE, yes one disrespectful idiot, let us not forget that there was a protest, not everyone was violent, and people are unhappy with a conservative government. 

I’ve seen more noise made about graffiti on a war memorial than I ever have about profits made through the NHS,privatisation which will inevitably lead to poorer care and one huge mess. More noise than stopping benefits for disabled and people with cancer, and more noise than the media and members of the public make for young people being denied life extending drugs because sorry you’re just not worth the cost..

I do not agree with defacing public property or violence to get ones point across. But please, just because you’re alright and not fussed about something, it doesn’t mean others are not entitled to be pissed off and protest (in a peaceful way of course). 

There is always more to something than meets the eye, it’s just some people don’t want to see it 


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