Radio Ga ga

Everyday I’m getting stronger and push myself a little bit further. 

My tummy still feels very tight and uncomfortable, and wearing jeans is a no go as they rub on the scar. I still have to sleep in support pants and a sports bra for a couple more weeks which I hate doing but needs must.

My new boob is very hard and engorged but it will drop a little in time. I’m still amazed at my new body and can’t stop looking at myself in the mirror!

This week I am lucky as I have a break from the monotony. I am going to be recording a radio advert. How exciting is that?  I’m also going to be baking a cake in preparation of my cancerversary. I’ve not decided how I’m going to decorate it yet but want something that expresses my personality like this…

I’m feeling very happy and relaxed. Aside from discomfort and scars and dressings I’m happier than I’ve ever been. 



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