Testing testing 123…

So just when I thought that nothing could beat the exciting things I’ve done in the last year, today I went to record a voiceover for a radio ad! It was exactly how I imagined. I was in this sound booth surrounded by glass with a disc shaped microphone in front of me. Everyone was listening to me in the room opposite and could hear me through speakers. 

being a voiceover is actually very difficult to do and I had to really focus. I found myself  inwardly  critical of how I sounded in various parts, and it was  quite hard to relax at first. Anyway that said I think I did a good job. Even if it wasn’t quite what they were looking for I’m just pleased I got to experience it. 

Even being driven door to door and just an hours work has tired me out and im back in my pajamas trying to fight an afternoon nap. It was nice to get out the house and do something productive though.

God I do have to pinch myself sometimes… 


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