Stop wishing and start doing! 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned of late, its to stop wishing and start doing. I used to daydream all the time but never really did anything about anything. I was lazy. I was always procrastinating.

These days if I want something or someone I try my hardest to get it. Sometimes things don’t work out the way I wanted them to but I’m always glad I gave it my best shot. 


I love having hopes and dreams. It’s what makes me feel alive every day. For every few rejections there is usually success eventually. I try not let failure discourage me to the point of giving up. It doesn’t matter how much someone devalues your worth because only you should determine your worth. 

There’s a reason behind this post. There’s a few things I really want I’m worried I won’t get. It’s bittersweet. Exciting and thrilling but also there’s the possibility of dissapointment and rejection.. 


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