My new relationship…

I decided to stop blogging about cancer in May because I felt it was the right time. I’d exhausted it, I knew I was moving on and in a far better place. 

Obviously certain things happen that are  consequences of having cancer so it’s not a forbidden word or anything, and of course there’s always milestones and anniversaries. It’s  not a bad thing to remember these and also not a bad thing to forget them either, which is exactly what happened today, 4 June.

It seems that at some point, I got busy living. I’ve been so occupied with my surgery and getting better, and going back to work which also happened today, I forgot that I’m officially 2 years cancer free. (This very day in 2013 they took the cancer out).

It reminded me of a break up or even unrequited love. You know how you think about the person every day and night, you can’t move on and you convince yourself you will never get over them. Then one day you don’t think about them at all, then 2 weeks go by and then a month and it  suddenly hits you; youve moved on! You started living again. That’s exactly what happened to me. Accept my relationship was with cancer and I decided to break up with it.

 I’m in a new relationship these days, one with happiness and joy. It’s going really well…  


Happy two years to me 😃


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