Just bloody do it! 

So this week has been tiring to say the least but actually rewarding. I’ve spoken to lots of people about my operation, some just interested and some wondering about having it themselves. If you’d asked me two years ago if I’d be an advocate for breast reconstruction surgery I would have laughed. It’s bloody nuts I tell you! I have boobs that look just like boobs but one has been completely rebuilt. I will forever be amazed at not only the surgeons but the remarkable way the human body works and is able to function with makeshift parts! 

Anyway this weekend I’m going back to the coast to look at a holiday home. I’ve always loved the area but it’s an impulsive decision. Being ill taught me to just bloody do it and worry later. That’s exactly how I live. I’ve never been frugal though ever and I’m fortunate to have an ok house and live a comfortable life. 

Six months ago I banked on 2015 being my year. I wanted it all. Relationships happiness, job satisfaction. I’ve learned that you have to put the effort in to reap the benefits  and six months in I still need to work on the relationship bit although saying that, watch this space… ☺️


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