So it dawned on me that I don’t really have anything to blog about! It’s not that I only blog when I have problems but often I need to purge or stuffs been going on that I think may be  interesting to the reader.

This year so far has been amazing. Yes I’ve had hospital visits and surgery,  but in my new normal world that’s easy, no big deal! 

I made a lot of changes to get here. Nothing comes from nothing I had to work at this and put effort in to be this level of happy. For the first time I’m letting go of the fear that my happy bubble might burst in my face at any moment. It’s surely better just to go with it and enjoy the view?

So you see, it doesn’t matter that I don’t have anything to blog about, what does matter is that I’ve been busy enjoying life! One thing is for sure though. The more I challenge myself the more I pursue my passions and  the more I do for others, the less frightened I am of dying young or the big bad wolf cancer. 

This must be nirvana.. 



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