“Oh by the way I had cancer…”

It was going to happen eventually. I’d meet someone and I’d like him enough to want to share my story with him. It’s amazing how well I can keep a secret. I never slip up. It also amazes me how much other stuff I can talk about which isn’t cancer related! (Ha to all of you who thought I was a one dimensional one trick pony) 😉

Now I’ve been dating him a while and it just seems right to tell him. It could go either way, and the weird thing is as much as I like him, if it’s not for him I won’t be too upset about it because I know that the guy who’s worth getting upset over is the one who accepts me as I am and is proud of me.  

 Still it’s tricky and I suppose I want it to work out well. I know from past experiences that guys don’t always dig this life threatening disease thing and shy away. 

It’s funny how you think you know someone until you’re ill or something bad happens. Only then you find out what kind of a person they are. 

Oh well let’s see how this giant cookie crumbles…


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