Not everything works out the way you planned…

Gave my two guinea pigs to a rescue farm today. I feel terrible. I do not give up on things easily. To me an animal is for life, unfortunately I was so allergic to them it was making me ill. The girls lost interest in them and I felt they would be better off with someone who could love them more than us. 😦 I know I’m an idiot but I miss them already and I hope they have a happy life somewhere with lots of yummy green stuff to eat. 

I’m not seeing the guy I was dating for a while anymore. I decided that although really nice he didn’t give me butterflies. I don’t just want to settle after all. I never told him about the cancer and why would I share that with someone if it wasn’t going to go anywhere? It’s private. Ok so I do share a lot with my inner circle and that inner circle is pretty big but not with potential love interests I don’t know well enough. 


It would be so much easier to date someone who knows everything already. But for now, no one needs to know. 

So that’s where I’m at. Not sure if I have Monday blues or whether it’s just an off day.. 


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